Spring into Fitness Yoga Mat Giveaway

I’ve taken a brief sabbatical from social media recently while my husband and I have been in the process of moving to a new part of town. But now that the craziness is over, the weather is warming up and flowers are starting to blossom, it’s time to celebrate with a spring giveaway!

I will be giving away two yoga mats this month on my Facebook page; one mat for you and one for your fitness buddy! All you need to do is pop over to Facebook, like my official Facebook page and then comment on the giveaway post tagging the friend you would like to share in the prize. One winner will be randomly selected and they and the friend they tagged will both receive one of these gorgeous yoga mats to keep conquering those fitness goals! And if you already have a mat but know a couple buddies who you would love to invite or inspire to try a mat class sometime, you can tag two friends in the post to be entered to each win their own mat. So head on over and enter today!

The contest will remain open until April 30. Open to US residents only.



All writing and images copyright © 2017 Rachel Elise Weems Woods

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