Clean Juice Fall Menu – Flavors, Fun & Freebies

If you remember my juice-centered series on the blog, you know am a big fan of Clean Juice. Their products are 100% fresh, organic, and make eating and drinking healthy deliciously easy. One of the ways they keep their menu fresh is by featuring a special quarterly menu that highlights the produce and flavors of the season.

Last month on my Instagram account, I shared a sneak preview of the new Clean Juice fall menu in my IG story. I attended Clean Juice Lexington Square’s taste testing party for VIPs and Influencers and got to sample the new season menu that was released October 1. And it. Was. Delicious.

Now that the menu is officially out and available or order, I thought I’d share more about it, along with three Clean Juice promotions going on right now full of fun and freebies! This post isn’t sponsored, I just love happen to love Clean Juice and their products. I’ve also learned about some new promotions they have going on right now that are too good not to want to share with you guys!

The Fall Menu


The Pumpkin One

What is fall without some pumpkin action? “The Pumpkin One” smoothie is deliciously versatile, with several ways to customize it to all your pumpkiny needs.

The base of smoothie is a blend of almond milk, banana, pumpkin, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla (all certified organic, of course). From there you can tweak it with a shot of organic cold brew coffee for a caffeine boost and/or toss in a scoop of whey or hemp protein powder.

I’m normally not the biggest pumpkin spice fan, if I’m being honest. But the sweetness of the banana and maple syrup blends quite well with the pumpkin and spices so no one flavor is too overpowering. I thoroughly enjoy “The Pumpkin One” with a shot of cold brew and a scoop of protein for the perfect pre or post-workout boost!

The Cider One

Okay, pumpkin haters. I know that every October you start feeling a little left out when those pumpkin spicers roll in and begin peppering the world with their spice shakers. This one is for you.

“The Cider One” is an iced juice that is absolutely packed with the flavors and warm fuzzies of fall. (But you know. More like the iced fuzzies, because we live in the south and hot cider and sweater season is still a couple months away.)

With a blend of apples, carrots and cinnamon, “The Cider One” is sweet, straightforward and destined to be a classic. I absolutely LOVED this juice. It’s probably my favorite item on the seasonal menu. Whether you are on team pumpkin or team cider, this is one drink we can all go ga-ga over.

The Fall Bowl

Another big item on the menu at Clean Juice are their Acai Bowls. These bad boys take the smoothie bowl experience to the next level and are a complete (extremely filling) meal, jammed with all kinds of natural flavors and nutrients.

The Fall Bowl is no exception and is a blend of organic pumpkin, banana, almond milk, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice and Acai powder. Top it off with some fresh fruit and crunchy granola (with gluten-free granola options, huzzah!) and prepare to dig deep to try and finish the whole thing in one sitting!

The Fall Toast

Is there anything as comforting as a heaping slice of toast? Especially when it’s smothered in almond butter, apples, cinnamon and cacao nibs? (And if you remember from my post on how to eat chocolate for big health benefits, cacao nibs are chocolate in one of it’s rawest, healthiest forms!) This toast is simple, healthy comfort food at its finest. And all Clean Juice locations have gluten-free bread options!

Other Fun & Freebies


Support Finding a Cure

Clean Juice has three awesome promotions going on right now that you should absolutely jump in on while you have the chance. First, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, Clean Juice has pledged to donate $1 to the American Cancer Society for every “So Basic One” smoothie that is ordered. It’s one of the smoothies on their regular menu (with a classic strawberry-banana flavor combo), is delicious and lets you help support a great cause!

Free Kids Smoothie Mondays

Parents out there. I’m sure you’re no stranger to having to share all your goodies with the little people in your life. Well, guess what? Clean Juice has got your back with a free kids smoothie!

Just come on in with your little one on Monday and while you’re ordering yourself some Clean Juice goodness, get a free kids smoothie for your munchkin! Not having to share your smoothie and getting to let your kid enjoy a deliciously nutritious snack? That’s a win all the way around!

This promotion is running at participating Clean Juice locations until otherwise announced (and if you’re in the area, Clean Juice Lexington Square is one of those participating locations!).

The Clean Juice App

Okay, so, total honesty, I had no idea in either of my previous posts on Clean Juice that they even had an app. Because if I had, I’d totally have let you know that you want this app in your life. Not only can you use it to pay, place your orders ahead of time and collect rewards points for free drinks, but you get a free reward right off the bat the very first time you use it! Their first time use reward changes from time to time, and right now the first time you use the app on an order, you get free avocado toast!

What Are You Waiting For?

Just think: On Monday you could walk into Clean Juice, order yourself a goodie from the new fall menu, get a free kids smoothie for your little one AND score some free avocado toast (all in one visit)! I mean, really, what are you waiting for at this point?

Get to your nearest Clean Juice! And if you’re not sure where the nearest one is, try using their online store locator! Happy snacking!

All writing copyright © 2018 Rachel Elise Weems Woods with photos contributed with permission by Clean Juice Lexington Square

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