The Silent Killer Of Fitness Progress


Have you ever found yourself saying “I’ll start on Monday” when it comes to your diet or exercise routine? But then somehow that Monday it turns into the NEXT Monday, then the next? This kind of procrastination is often the number one silent killer of fitness progress and weight loss goals. But how can we move beyond it and into a place where we’re actually making progress and creating a lasting change?

For many years, I found myself unsuccessfully trying to pursue the same set of weight loss and fitness goals. And every year around the holidays, I landed in a familiar place: Feeling stuck. Looking back over the previous year at all the things I didn’t accomplish and peering ahead into the approaching year wondering if this could finally be “the year” I made them happen.

Each year, those goals started to feel a little heavier. Like I was carrying around bricks of past failures and disappointments in myself that I just shouldn’t shake. By December, I would have completely scrapped all my goals and resolutions and find myself thinking: “I’ll start over again in January.” Then the whole cycle would repeat the following year.

Until one year, something changed. Something that would help me begin breaking a lifelong cycle of procrastination and short-lived goal chasing. Today, I’m breaking down how you can begin breaking those same cycles and start making a lasting, genuine change. I shared this video earlier this year on the blog Facebook page and I’m resharing it today as your Motivation Monday pep talk. So pull up a chair, or if you’re on the go, just hit play and listen to the video in the background!


All writing and video content copyright © 2018 Rachel Elise Weems Woods

41 thoughts on “The Silent Killer Of Fitness Progress”

  1. I have been so guilty of this until I discovered intermittent fasting. I would always say “after this cruise I’ll start” or “it’s the weekend I’ll start Monday “ lol . Going to watch your vid soon!

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  2. You know what? The only diet I was able to keep doing was the one I wasn’t planning on doing ahah, I started randomly on a Saturday (I mean) and by Monday I was feeling so good I just kept going! Loving your motivation though!

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  3. Yes, I completely agree! There’s no reason why you can’t start on Wednesday…or Saturday. Another thing that I see is people who do the thing (whatever it is) on Monday, but then they don’t do it on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday they don’t do it because they’re already off track, and then put it off for another week.

    Start now, keep going. If you slip up for a day, that’s okay…just get yourself back on track immediately. Don’t wait for Monday!

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    1. Absolutely! It’s tempting to feel like one slip up means we have lost the whole day and might as well just give up. But that’s not how anyone who makes a lasting change succeeds! You have to keep moving forward!


  4. When I wanted to start a new habit, whether it be fitness related or not, I sometimes fall to the “I’ll start on X day,” curse and then, when that day comes, I procrastinate even further. I like your advice to start small, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the big-ness of the goal, and then continue taking little steps to reach the goal.


    1. Over the holidays, I like to reserve the day of the actual holidays (Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, etc.) to just let myself enjoy the day, not count calories and not exercise. But outside of those days, focus like I would any other day of the year. It’s been helping me navigate the holidays!


  5. I used to have an issue with Monday start procrastination too. But I’ve made an effort to try to get excited about new ideas so I’ll be motivated to start right away. As long as I’m excited it will get done

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