I Tried 3 Instagram-Hyped Clothing Brands

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I spend a lot of time in activewear. Like. All the time. A good 75% of my wardrobe is gym-related and I spend six days a week in gyms working in spandex.

I’ve tried most of the mainstream clothing brands (Nike, Reebok, Underarmour, Gap, etc.) over the past nine years that I’ve worked in the fitness industry. But in recent years, I’ve noticed a number of new or upcoming fitness apparel brands taking off on social media. Bright, colorful clothing that’s been popping up in gym selfies and fitness pages all over Instagram.

And naturally, I had to wonder, could any of these trendy new brands hold up against their long-established competitors? I decided to find out.

Making a Change

Most gyms have dress codes that require employees to wear specific colors (usually boring ones, like solid black or gray). So for the most part, my gym wardrobe for training and teaching classes (outside of Zumba) has been fairly unexciting over the years.

And then finally, a couple of the gyms where I work started making allowances for more colors and styles. (Which is super exciting when you spend most of your week walking around dressed like television before they added color.)

It was high time to update my wardrobe. I wanted color. Excitement. Pizazz. And maybe a few of my own trendy gym selfies while I was at it.

So I took a look at three upcoming fitness brands I’d seen trending on Instagram and decided to give their leggings a try and share my experience on the blog.

Rules of the Review

I decided to give myself a few review parameters. I wanted to test and compare the quality of these brands to see if their cute and colorful styles could hold up against the quality and pricing of their big name competitors.

I chose to break each review into five categories:

  • Price
  • Arrival time and customer service experience
  • Accuracy of sizing and fit
  • Style and durability of the material
  • How they hold up in the gym against sweat

Each individual review of the brands that I’ve selected will weigh the product in these categories and will be ascribed a rating from on a scale of 1-10 based on my experience.


I set a budget range between $40-$60 per item. For some people, $60 may feel significant investment for one pair of leggings. But it’s actually quite a competitive price compared to activewear from companies like Nike or Lululemon (sometimes ranging between $85-$120 for a single pair).

For the amount of time I spend in activewear, I’d rather invest in a quality item that will last me for years vs cheaper clothing I’ll wear out in a matter of months. Mainstream brands like Under Armour, Victoria Secret, and Reebok (all of which I’ve tried and enjoyed) have a range of products between $40-$60, so it was a reasonable budget for my experiment.

I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with these clothing companies. I personally purchased these items and have evaluated them with the same level of scrutiny I would use for any other mainstream brands on the market within the same price range.

Buffbunny Collection

The Buffbunny Collection is a relatively new brand founded by Instagram and YouTube star Heidi Somers, a.k.a. “Buffbunny”. It’s been producing clothing since early 2016 and gradually evolved from a simple assortment of tank tops to a full line of women’s fitness apparel. Some of her followers have compared the look and style of her clothing to be on par with the elegance of other well-known clothing companies, like Lululemon.

I was drawn to the Buffbunny Collection for its bright colors, clean lines, feminine styles and promises that their leggings are “squat proof”. The company has a faithful fan following, so many of their popular items sell out following their launches and restocks. I just followed one of their social media pages and placed an order following one of their restock launches.


Their full-length “Luna Leggings” retail for $58 on their website and I paid $5 for shipping.

Arrival time and Customer Service Experience

I placed my order on June 12 and was impressed when it arrived two days later. When I tried on the leggings, unfortunately, I encountered issues with sizing and material sheerness. Maybe it was an issue with the fabric, sizing or some combination of the two, but underwear was completely visible through the material.

Flukes happen, so I emailed their customer service rep, Colleen. She was prompt and polite in offering to exchange them for another pair in a different size.

My replacement package arrived July 13, but unfortunately in the wrong size and color. I emailed Colleen again explaining the situation and she apologized for the mix-up, offered to get my order sent out with two-day shipping and sent me a 20% discount code for future orders. The following package arrived on July 14 and I was pleased to see contained my correct order and the leggings fit without any sheerness.

It was a little bumpy and in the end, took a month to get my correct order. But their customer service was polite and professional. If I’m going to nitpick, while I appreciated them covering shipping on the faulty orders, I did think that they could have done a little more than a 20% off coupon for all of the hassles of that experience. But I still appreciated the gesture and helpfulness from their staff.

Size and Fit

From a little prior research, I read some comments from other customers who felt like the sizes ran small. At 5’3 1/2″ with a smaller frame, I’m typically a size S (small) in activewear. So I was curious to see just how small the sizes ran.

After trying their Luna Leggings in size S, I’d agree that they felt pretty small. The material was comfortable and I was able to pull them on, but they were tight. I like gym clothes fitted, but it was a bit beyond my comfort zone. Even without the sheerness of the material, there was a complete outline of my underwear that would be unacceptable for me to wear in a work environment at the gym. (Plus, that’s just kinda gross.)

When I went up to a size medium, they fit quite comfortably. Going up a size eliminated the issue of sheerness and helped minimize having a visible underwear outline. You’ll still want to wear seamless underwear to avoid an obvious outline, but that goes without saying for anytime you are wearing fitted activewear leggings.

These leggings have a nice length to them. On my short frame, I can actually pull the ends of the leggings down over my heels. So they do bunch a little at the ankles when I’m wearing shoes, but that extra length would make them friendly for taller frames and longer legs. Since over-the-heel leggings are actually fashionable in the yoga world, I enjoy pulling them over my feet when I teach yoga.

Style, Material, and Durability

The colors of these leggings are vibrant with clean lines, high-quality seams and large pockets on the sides. The material is thicker than other gym leggings I’ve tried (with an 87% nylon and 13% spandex blend). It isn’t the most breathable or flexible leggings material I’ve worn, but they’re quite cozy and I’ve had zero issues bending or twisting in them for yoga. It’s also incredibly supportive, with flattering compression and a high waistband to hold in your squishy zones.

The material feels soft and sleek out of the package and is very comfortable. It has a minor breaking-in period (I noticed they slid down a little the first couple wears) but were fine after a couple washes.

Washing instructions state to machine wash cold, no tumbling dry, bleaching or ironing (which is actually the routine I use for the majority of my activewear to help them last longer). They haven’t shrunk or stretched out over months of regular use and have held their shape quite nicely without the fraying or pilling.

Sweat Issues

Sweat. It happens. I’m not really bothered by sweat showing in the gym (since I’m there to work and sweat anyway). But lighter colored clothing tends to show sweat more.

I’ve worn them while lifting weights, practicing yoga, and during heavy cardio. I have to say, they do very well with sweat. Even in my sweatiest cardio session, the thickness of the material does fairly well concealing sweaty awkwardness in the crotch and booty zones.

The only time I noticed an exception was during a fitness photo shoot for fun with a friend where we were outdoors in Naples, FL, under the summer heat for several hours. That will give you some awkward sweat lines. But if you’re lifting weights in the gym or taking a cardio class, you should be good.

Overall Thoughts

Despite some mishaps in the arrival, my overall experience with the Buffbunny Collection has been positive. I love the fit, style, and color of the leggings and have received compliments and questions asking where I bought them.

I even decided to order another pair a few months later and was pleased when they arrived in three days in the right size and color. I thoroughly enjoy wearing them both for personal and professional use in the gym and would gladly recommend this brand. Overall, I would rate these leggings an 8 out of 10.


Gymshark is an activewear company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2012, it has developed a solid following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Part of its success in becoming an internationally recognized brand on such platforms could be attributed to its strategy sponsoring bodybuilders and athletes with large followings on social media.

I first heard of Gymshark as a brand through various female bodybuilders and athletes on Instagram. Their brand is known for sleek and functional designs. I was particularly curious to try their trademark “Flex” style line that boasts seamlessly knit “form hugging and figure flattering” styles to help make the wearer look like they are flexing all the time.


Their full-length “Flex Leggings” retail for $38 USD on their website and I paid $10 USD for international shipping.


I placed my order on August 11 and the leggings arrived on August 28. While I was pleased with the style and fit, unfortunately, four days later they ripped wide open at the seam as I was putting them on for the second time.

I reached out to Gymshark through their Facebook page and received a prompt, polite response the following day offering to send out a replacement pair. My package arrived nine days later on September 11. While it did take a month and a quality control hickup to get my leggings, their customer service was polite, helpful and quickly resolved my issue. Overall, it was a positive interaction that allowed me to see how they respond to customers.


These leggings seem to fit true to size and their size S leggings suited my frame perfectly. They were comfortably snug without being so fitted that your underwear line becomes visible.

The leggings are quite long and I can pull them over my heel and up the arch of my foot (once again, great for taller frames). They bunched at my ankles when wearing shoes but, at my height, most pants do that anyway. They keep my feet warm and toasty in yoga, so once again, I’m counting it as a plus.


These leggings burst with vivacious shades of heathered blue. The majority of the leggings are seamlessly knit together, with two discreet seams at the waistband and inner portion of the legs and crotch. The “flex” pattern is woven into the fabric so that the leggings themselves seem to highlight and contour different muscle groups in the legs, like the quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

It sports a fun, colorful low-rising waistband that bears the company name in bold print. The material (a 56% nylon, 41% polyester, 3% elastane blend) is light, breathable and fabulously soft. Washing instructions state to machine wash cold, no chlorine or bleach, and to tumble dry on a medium heat and iron on a medium heat from the inside out.

They’re what I’d consider true leggings. The material is thinner, without the same structural support that typical yoga and activewear pants offer. The flex pattern itself is very flattering and the waistband hugs the hips in a way that gives your booty a bit of a pop.

I’ll admit that the elastic waistband can potentially give your sides a love-handle effect depending on your frame and how high you position it, so I like pairing it with looser shirts and tank tops. You can pull them up higher to avoid love handles but tread carefully or risk sporting some unflattering camel toe. In the time I’ve had them, I’ve worn them quite frequently and they’ve held up well without fraying or pilling (although the wash instructions disappeared from the rubber in-seam tag after a couple washes).

Sweat Issues

These leggings hold up excellently against sweat. The fabric itself is moisture-wicking and the deep colors of the blue probably help add camouflage. I’ve worn these for all my usual activities (lifting, yoga, cardio, etc.) and even on days when I’ve worked out at my husband’s non-airconditioned Crossfit gym, these babies hid sweat like a dream.

Overall Thoughts

These are currently one of my most favorite pairs of leggings and I’ve gotten more compliments on them than anything else in my gym wardrobe. There was an issue with my first pair, but the company worked smoothly and professionally to resolve my issue. I love these leggings and would definitely be inclined to get another in the future. Overall, I would rate these leggings an 8 out of 10.

Til You Collapse Leggings

Til You Collapse (or TYC) leggings is a family-owned business run by a husband and wife. According to their Facebook page, the company began in July of 2013. They have a few tanks and hats for men but the bulk of their inventory appears to be in women’s apparel with a fairly wide assortment of leggings and shorts, a few tops and one sports bra available on their website.

I first noticed them on Instagram through advertisements for their Leggings of the Month Club, a promotion they run in which you sign up as a member and received a mystery pair of leggings in the mail each month. I was drawn to select their brand, once again, because of the variety of bright and interesting colors and sleek designs.


Their full-length leggings retail for $59.99 on their website and I paid $4.16 for shipping. I was able to find a discount code by doing a quick Google search (something I do whenever purchasing online items because sometimes you get lucky) and used it to get $5.99 off, so I actually ended up paying $58.16 total.


I placed my order on August 15. Their website says that most of their leggings are “a pre-order that ship 4-6 weeks from order date”, so I wondered how long they’d take to arrive. They arrive on August 27 (so just under two weeks).

TYC’s Facebook page states that their items are “handmade in the USA”, but the label on their leggings simply said, “designed in the USA”. I was curious about that point, so I messaged them on Instagram to ask where the leggings were designed and manufactured. They impressively responded within minutes, explaining the leggings are designed in the USA and manufactured overseas. So, they may produce a combination of products created here and overseas. Based on the look and feel of the leggings, if I had to guess, I’d say there’s a good chance they’re manufactured by the same company the Buffbunny Collection uses.


I ordered their Premium Pastel Pink Heart Booty Leggings in a size S. They feel true to size and provide an extremely comfortable fit. (Although their website advises customers may want to order one size up.)

They’re the lightest color legging I own, and unfortunately not completely squat proof with every underwear color. The material holds up fairly well with white and flesh-colored underwear, but darker colors do become faintly visible when squatting.

They also have a shorter length than my other leggings and cut off directly at my ankles. For me, it’s actually pretty nice having a pair of leggings that don’t bunch up over my shoes at the ankles. But for people with a taller frame, they may turn into capris.


These leggings are advertised as having a “second skin” feel on the website. And I’d have to agree. They are divinely soft and feel like slipping into silk. They are a vivid pastel pink, with clean lines, a thick waistband, quality seams, large side pockets along with a small compartment pocket in the back of the waistband.

They provide compression but aren’t as fitted as other leggings I’ve tried (there is actually a good bit of room in the material behind the knee). If you don’t like your activewear as skin-huggingly compact, these have a lovely fit (though less compression than tighter leggings).

They are the same material blend as the Buffbunny Collection (87% nylon and 13% spandex), but definitely not as thick. The material breathes and stretches quite well and they’re easily some of the most comfortable leggings I’ve own. There are no wash directions on the printed tag, but I always machine wash on cold and then hang to dry. In the time I’ve had them, they’ve held their shape well without fraying or pilling.

Sweat Issues

Sweat is not your friend in these leggings. After a heavy cardio session, they show sweat pretty prominently in your awkward zones. Like I said, personally, sweat marks on clothing at the gym don’t really bother me because I am there for a good workout (sweat marks are like a badge of honor in that regard). That being said, they aren’t ideal if you have to run errands after your workout (unless you bring a jacket to tie around your hips).

Overall Thoughts

The ordering process was simple and hassle-free and customer service was prompt and helpful when I had a question. These are some of the most comfortable leggings I own and I love the feel of them. They didn’t quite hold up to the squat test, but they also weren’t what I would consider sheer (just avoid dark or bright underwear colors and you’re good for this shade).

Sweat does show pretty prominently during a heavy sweat session, but if you’re self-conscious you could wear a longer top or just use them for a yoga or Pilates class where you aren’t sweating as heavily.

I would be curious to see if these leggings faired better with sweat and squat testing in other shades and colors. My pair is cute and comfortable, but for now, am not planning on ordering another pair in the immediate future. Overall, I would probably rate this brand a 7 out of 10.

Final Thoughts

I was excited to try some new brands and find out what they offer. These are a few of the Instagram hyped legging brands I’ve seen on social media and it was fun testing them out! One thing I appreciated about each company was the personable customer service they had to offer. Each brand had its pros and cons, but overall I didn’t feel like any of them were a poor investment. They added a pop of color into my wardrobe and I enjoy wearing them to the gym.

Durability Update

Since originally publishing this review in 2017, I’ve continued using all three of these leggings quite frequently over the past two years. I’m happy to say they have all held up wonderfully.

I still follow the exact same washing routine for all of them in cold water and hanging them to dry. I also store my gym leggings by folding them in half and laying them over a coat hanger in my closet.

In spite of regular use over the course of a couple years, they haven’t stretched out, torn or experienced excessive fraying or pilling. The lighter colors of the TYC and Buffbunny leggings have experienced some minor fading and have softened up a bit in terms of shade vibrance. Overall, all three brands have been a solid purchase and provided me with years of repeated use. If you’re looking to branch out and try something new, I still give each of these leggings a solid thumbs up.


Do you work with a clothing company or company related to the health and fitness field? Want your products to be featured in a future review? Shoot me an email and we can connect about working on a sponsored collaboration.

All writing copyright © 2019 Rachel Elise Woods. Photography copyright © 2019 Rachel Elise Woods with guest images copyright © 2019 Captured Design Photography.

Originally published 10-20-17. Updated 3-31-19.

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