4 Big Rules of Gym Etiquette

The new year is in full swing and so are many of those exercise and fitness related resolutions!  It’s a fun and exciting time to be a part of the gym community, especially if you’re starting a new adventure with your very first gym membership. But gyms can sometimes feel a little intimidating to navigate when you’re the new kid on the block.

Gyms are like mini communities. They often have their own subcultures and various unspoken rules when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of common courtesy and community behavior. So today, we’re going to look at four big rules of gym etiquette to ensure you’re crushing goals with confidence and making friends along the way.

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Southwest Black Bean Burger


love a good veggie burger. They can be a great source of nutrients and an easy way to sneak some plant-based protein into your diet. And believe it or not, these bad boys aren’t just for vegans and vegetarians. Everyone can benefit from a good veggie burger in their life. Continue reading “Southwest Black Bean Burger”


10 Reasons for Ladies to Lift in 2019

So, it’s 2019. You’re revved up for a new year, a new you and may even a have a few resolutions up your sleeve. Continue reading “10 Reasons for Ladies to Lift in 2019”


Biceps & Triceps: Are You Training With Proper Form?

Proper exercise form for bicep and tricep movements is essential in any upper body training routine. It’s the key difference between making progress and wasting your time in the gym. As a nationally certified fitness instructor, I’ve seen a lot of people over the years unknowingly sabotaging their results in the gym with poor form. Continue reading “Biceps & Triceps: Are You Training With Proper Form?”


The Silent Killer Of Fitness Progress


Have you ever found yourself saying “I’ll start on Monday” when it comes to your diet or exercise routine? But then somehow that Monday it turns into the NEXT Monday, then the next? This kind of procrastination is often the number one silent killer of fitness progress and weight loss goals. But how can we move beyond it and into a place where we’re actually making progress and creating a lasting change? Continue reading “The Silent Killer Of Fitness Progress”


3 Salads for Your Holiday Dinner

The holidays are here and I couldn’t be more excited. Every year, we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with my husband’s family up in his hometown and then Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve with my family in our current home city. It’s a wonderful time of the year filled with family, photos, and fun. And of course, between big meals on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day, a lot of food. Continue reading “3 Salads for Your Holiday Dinner”