I Drank a Gallon of Water a Day. Here’s What Happened.

Have you heard of The Water Challenge? It consists of drinking a gallon of water every day for 30 days.

The benefits of drinking a gallon of water a day are supposed to be pretty fabulous. I know athletes and bodybuilders who swear by it. I’ve also read claims that it can promote everything from healthier skin, better energy, weight loss and improve your overall cool factor (that last one purely based on claims that Beyonce drinks a gallon of water a day).

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Best Low-Fat Pesto Sauce

I love a big spoonful of pesto sauce. It’s the perfect addition to pasta, wraps, sandwiches and much more. Fresh, homemade pesto delivers levels of flavor and texture you just can’t find in a can. But with high portions of fatty ingredients, some pesto sauces can deliver a surprisingly high dose of calories and fat.

And if you’re watching your nutrition or counting macros, a couple spoonfuls of pesto can blow through a lot of your fat and calories for the day.

My love of pesto sauce and finding healthy ways to enjoy good food set me on a mission. Could I create a healthier homemade pesto recipe that packed all the flavor but with less fat and calories? And that was also maybe a little more heart healthy?

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6 Signs That You’re Dehydrated

How much water do you consume in a day? Ever given much thought to it?

For years, I didn’t. I think it’s something I had in common with a lot of people, because believe it or not, every day, a large portion of America walks around unknowingly dehydrated. Continue reading “6 Signs That You’re Dehydrated”


How to Run (When You Suck at Running)

Running changed my life.

And to be honest, there was a point in time when I’d never have imagined myself saying that. Mainly because I initially had such an archenemy relationship with running (and exercise in general). Continue reading “How to Run (When You Suck at Running)”


I Tried 3 Instagram-Hyped Clothing Brands

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I spend a lot of time in activewear. Like. All the time. A good 75% of my wardrobe is gym-related and I spend six days a week in gyms working in spandex.

I’ve tried most of the mainstream clothing brands (Nike, Reebok, Underarmour, Gap, etc.) over the past nine years that I’ve worked in the fitness industry. But in recent years, I’ve noticed a number of new or upcoming fitness apparel brands taking off on social media. Bright, colorful clothing that’s been popping up in gym selfies and fitness pages all over Instagram.

And naturally, I had to wonder, could any of these trendy new brands hold up against their long-established competitors? I decided to find out. Continue reading “I Tried 3 Instagram-Hyped Clothing Brands”


Celery Juice: Worth It or Overhyped?

Celery juice. You may or may not have heard about it, but it’s the latest health trend sweeping social media. It has a few different titles (including “The Celery Challenge”) and hashtags, but the gist of it involves drinking 8-16oz of fresh celery juice upon waking up in the morning for a variety of health benefits.

Last year, I remember a few posts popping up on my Instagram feed about it. The ones that intrigued me the most were testimonials from individuals with gut and digestive health-related ailments. They shared moving accounts of how since incorporating celery juice, they’d experienced significant improvements in their daily quality of life. Continue reading “Celery Juice: Worth It or Overhyped?”


4 Big Rules of Gym Etiquette

The new year is in full swing and so are many of those exercise and fitness related resolutions!  It’s a fun and exciting time to be a part of the gym community, especially if you’re starting a new adventure with your very first gym membership. But gyms can sometimes feel a little intimidating to navigate when you’re the new kid on the block.

Gyms are like mini communities. They often have their own subcultures and various unspoken rules when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of common courtesy and community behavior. So today, we’re going to look at four big rules of gym etiquette to ensure you’re crushing goals with confidence and making friends along the way.

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