The Silent Killer Of Fitness Progress


Have you ever found yourself saying “I’ll start on Monday” when it comes to your diet or exercise routine? But then somehow that Monday it turns into the NEXT Monday, then the next? This kind of procrastination is often the number one silent killer of fitness progress and weight loss goals. But how can we move beyond it and into a place where we’re actually making progress and creating a lasting change? Continue reading “The Silent Killer Of Fitness Progress”


How I Dropped 5% Body Fat Over The Holidays

The holiday season is undoubtedly one of the hardest times of the year to stay on track with our health and fitness goals. As the pumpkin spice pies, lattes and all other kinds of seasonal goodies come out, many people’s health resolutions tend to plummet. For me personally,  October-December have been my weakest months for sticking with my diet and exercise routine for most of my life. Until last year. Continue reading “How I Dropped 5% Body Fat Over The Holidays”


Internal Vs. External Motivation: Why One Is Killing Your Progress

There are two big driving factors when it comes to making progress in your health and fitness: Getting started and staying consistent. And each of those things requires a certain type of motivation.

There are two different kinds of motivation we experience: Internal and external. People who rely on external motivators usually fall short of their goals and fail to make much (if any) progress in their fitness journey. But people who learn to draw from internal motivation have the capacity to generate lasting change and actually exceed their goals. Continue reading “Internal Vs. External Motivation: Why One Is Killing Your Progress”


How to Begin Prioritizing Fitness (When You Don’t Have Time)

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to make strides in your diet, exercise or weight loss routine but feeling like you just never have the time? Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just make some changes to improve your day-to-day quality of living, time management to juggle like and incorporate fitness is a big obstacle that we all (myself included) face on a daily basis.

Do you ever find yourself wondering: “How do other people do it??” You know, not just any people. “Those people.” The ones who appear to have a million things going on in life but still somehow seem to be finding extra hours in the day to meal prep, eat their veggies, drink their water and squeeze in exercise between work, family, errands and all other craziness throughout the week. Continue reading “How to Begin Prioritizing Fitness (When You Don’t Have Time)”