Celery Juice: Worth It or Overhyped?

Celery juice. You may or may not have heard about it, but it’s the latest health trend sweeping social media. It has a few different titles (including “The Celery Challenge”) and hashtags, but the gist of it involves drinking 8-16oz of fresh celery juice upon waking up in the morning for a variety of health benefits.

Last year, I remember a few posts popping up on my Instagram feed about it. The ones that intrigued me the most were testimonials from individuals with gut and digestive health-related ailments. They shared moving accounts of how since incorporating celery juice, they’d experienced significant improvements in their daily quality of life. Continue reading “Celery Juice: Worth It or Overhyped?”

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Collagen Giveaway

It’s giveaway time! Woot!

If you’ve read my post I Tried: Taking Collagen for a Month, you probably know I’m a HUGE collagen fan. It’s been a game changer since adding it into my routine and I now incorporate on a daily basis.

Male or female, any age and any level of fitness, collagen plays a vital role in your body. I firmly believe everyone can benefit from incorporating a collagen supplement. Continue reading “Collagen Giveaway”


How to Eat Chocolate Every Day for Big Health Benefits

If there’s one thing I think you can never have enough of in life, it’s chocolate. Not only is it deliciously versatile in the kitchen, but it’s also being used in some remarkable ways in the modern medical field. You may have even heard that eating chocolate every day can be good for you (which is true!). But there’s more to it than picking up any ol’ piece of chocolate (even dark chocolate) and expecting it to work health wonders. Not all chocolate is made equal.

So what kind of chocolate is good for you? How much chocolate should you eat daily? And what are the benefits of eating chocolate every day?

Continue reading “How to Eat Chocolate Every Day for Big Health Benefits”

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How to Incorporate Variety into Your Meal Prep & 3 Easy Recipes to Get Started

You might have heard the saying “a failure to plan is a plan to fail”. There’s a lot of truth in that sentiment as it applies to your nutrition. When it comes to your diet, a failure to meal prep is usually a plan to fail in sticking with nutritional goals.   Continue reading “How to Incorporate Variety into Your Meal Prep & 3 Easy Recipes to Get Started”

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I Tried a 1-Day Juice Cleanse with Clean Juice

Last week I shared a post about Clean Juice, a company delivering raw, organic products with a refreshing level of honesty and authenticity. We also discussed the benefits of cold press juice (why it’s different from pasturized juice) and why Clean Juice’s cold press cleanses are different from other juices cleanses. This week, as promised and requested, I’m sharing my experience and results from doing a 1-Day Clean Juice Cleanse. Continue reading “I Tried a 1-Day Juice Cleanse with Clean Juice”

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Clean Juice Lexington Square

In my last post, we took a look at how juice is made by the commercial juice industry. We cleared up that juice itself isn’t bad for you but its nutritional value and quality can greatly vary depending on how it’s made. Judging by the comments and messages I’ve received since then from readers, it was a rough week for juice lovers.

It can be a tad discouraging to discover something you thought was doing your body good might not have been so great after all. It’s also disappointing to see the dishonesty that is sometimes present within the food industry. But don’t despair, juice lovers. This week, I want to encourage you by sharing a company I’ve discovered who is striving to change the game by producing honest, high-quality juice and organic products. Continue reading “Clean Juice Lexington Square”


Is Drinking Juice Good For You?

Growing up, I remember starting many mornings with a glass of juice at breakfast. During cold and flu season, I’d chug some OJ in hopes of boosting my immune system. And I’ll never forget that summer in high school when (for nearly eight hours) I attempted my first “juice cleanse”.

Like many people, for most of my life, I assumed that store-bought juices were a healthy way to incorporate fruit servings into my day. Sure, you don’t need to go overboard, since by the ounce juice can carry as many empty calories and sugar as soda. But in terms of getting an extra boost of vitamins, a big glass of fruit juice is a great way to do it… right? Continue reading “Is Drinking Juice Good For You?”


Fruit-Infused Water: The Benefits, Myths and 20 Fruit Water Recipes

Ah, fruit water. It’s delicious, nutritious and refreshing, right? Personally, I love the stuff. There’s usually a pitcher of it somewhere in our fridge at all times. I’m not sure when it first started picking up in popularity, but I do remember hearing and reading about all kinds of perks this fruity fitness fad had to offer.

There actually are a lot of health claims online about the health benefits of fruit-infused water. Many of them revolve around the idea that it can detoxify the body. But like many internet fitness trends, some of these claims have been a little misinformed or exaggerated. Today we’re going to take a look at fruit water, some of the hype surrounding it and what kind of benefits it really has to offer. Continue reading “Fruit-Infused Water: The Benefits, Myths and 20 Fruit Water Recipes”

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How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Vacations are a great opportunity to step away from everyday worries and de-stress. Unfortunately, they’re also often the place healthy habits go to die. It’s sometimes ironic since many people use them as motivation to begin getting in shape in the first place.

You work hard to build healthier habits and self-discipline but after a week or two of vaycay bliss, it all seems to vanish when you get home. It can feel harder to get back into the swing of things as you return to normal life. Junky cravings can skyrocket and discipline to workout may plummet. So how do you enjoy your trip and stay healthy on vacation? Continue reading “How to Stay Healthy on Vacation”