Is Drinking Juice Good For You?

Growing up, I remember starting many mornings with a glass of juice at breakfast. During cold and flu season, I’d chug some OJ in hopes of boosting my immune system. And I’ll never forget that summer in high school when (for nearly eight hours) I attempted my first “juice cleanse”.

Like many people, for most of my life, I assumed that store-bought juices were a healthy way to incorporate fruit servings into my day. Sure, you don’t need to go overboard, since by the ounce juice can carry as many empty calories and sugar as soda. But in terms of getting an extra boost of vitamins, a big glass of fruit juice is a great way to do it… right? Continue reading “Is Drinking Juice Good For You?”


Fruit-Infused Water: The Benefits, Myths and 20 Fruit Water Recipes

Ah, fruit water. It’s delicious, nutritious and refreshing, right? Personally, I love the stuff. There’s usually a pitcher of it somewhere in our fridge at all times. I’m not sure when it first started picking up in popularity, but I do remember hearing and reading about all kinds of perks this fruity fitness fad had to offer.

There actually are a lot of health claims online about the health benefits of fruit-infused water. Many of them revolve around the idea that it can detoxify the body. But like many internet fitness trends, some of these claims have been a little misinformed or exaggerated. Today we’re going to take a look at fruit water, some of the hype surrounding it and what kind of benefits it really has to offer. Continue reading “Fruit-Infused Water: The Benefits, Myths and 20 Fruit Water Recipes”

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How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Vacations are a great opportunity to step away from everyday worries and de-stress. Unfortunately, they’re also often the place healthy habits go to die. It’s sometimes ironic since many people use them as motivation to begin getting in shape in the first place.

You work hard to build healthier habits and self-discipline but after a week or two of vaycay bliss, it all seems to vanish when you get home. It can feel harder to get back into the swing of things as you return to normal life. Junky cravings can skyrocket and discipline to workout may plummet. So how do you enjoy your trip and stay healthy on vacation? Continue reading “How to Stay Healthy on Vacation”

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How to Grow Your Own Herbs & Reduce Sodium Intake

If you read my post on 8 Ways to Eliminate Bloating, you may remember that high levels of sodium in your diet can cause issues with bloating and water retention. In fact, that’s really just one way an over-abundance of sodium can be harmful. Our bodies require moderate amounts of sodium for regular function, but many American’s are consuming close to twice the amount of sodium recommended by USDA guidelines. Continue reading “How to Grow Your Own Herbs & Reduce Sodium Intake”


I Tried: Taking Collagen for a Month

Collagen products have been picking up popularity in recent years. Magazines, beauty experts, and celebrities have raved about the benefits of collagen for its supposed cosmetic properties (Jennifer Aniston reportedly accredits it to her ever-youthful glow while Kourtney Kardashian has praised its overall skin and health benefits). Could collagen supplements really live up to the all the hype they’ve been generating? I decided to find out. Continue reading “I Tried: Taking Collagen for a Month”


8 Ways to Eliminate Bloating

Bloating. We’ve probably all experienced it at some point. It can throw off your day, make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes be a great source of pain. It can range from a minor annoyance after a big meal to a consistent, reoccurring issue that makes you self-conscious of your body and food choices. Today we’re going to look at some common causes of bloating and eight things you can do to live a happy, healthy, bloat-free life. Continue reading “8 Ways to Eliminate Bloating”


Supplement Spotlight: Magnesium

If you’ve ever walked into a vitamin or supplement store, you know the sheer volume of the pills, powders, and vitamins can feel overwhelming. What’s useful or relevant to your routine? Is the supplement you’re holding backed by science or a sketchy infomercial shenanigan? It’s enough to make your head spin, really.

Last time in our supplement spotlight we looked at BCAAs and Amino Acids. Today, we’re going to look at magnesium, the role it plays in our health and fitness and some of its forms on the supplement market. Continue reading “Supplement Spotlight: Magnesium”


What’s the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan?


Meatless diets have been steadily gaining notoriety in the USA. According to a 2008 study published by Vegetarian Times, 3.2 percent of Americans (7.3 million people) follow a vegetarian diet, with another 10 percent (22.8 million) of American adults saying they follow a largely vegetarian-inclined diet. Continue reading “What’s the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan?”


Supplement Spotlight: BCAA’s and Amino Acids

There are a lot of health items out there geared towards enhancing your performance in the gym. It can be intimidating and overwhelming trying to sort through all of the pills, powder, and supplements out there to figure out what’s useful and what’s a waste of money. While there are no shortcuts or magic pills, there are some products out there that can support or complement your fitness routine. I’m no supplement guru, but I can share some of the knowledge I’ve learned and products I’ve found helpful along the way in my own fitness journey. Today we are going to look at AA (amino acids) and BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) supplements.

Continue reading “Supplement Spotlight: BCAA’s and Amino Acids”

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5 Protein-Packed Guiltless Pleasures

As a comfort eater, nutrition has always been a challenge for me. Striving to fuel my body with the right nutrients while keeping my inner fat kid happy is a delicate balance; I want to lead a long, healthy life… But I also want tacos. And cupcakes. Continue reading “5 Protein-Packed Guiltless Pleasures”