I Tried 3 Instagram-Hyped Clothing Brands

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I spend a lot of time in activewear. Like. All the time. A good 75% of my wardrobe is gym-related and I spend six days a week in gyms working in spandex.

I’ve tried most of the mainstream clothing brands (Nike, Reebok, Underarmour, Gap, etc.) over the past nine years that I’ve worked in the fitness industry. But in recent years, I’ve noticed a number of new or upcoming fitness apparel brands taking off on social media. Bright, colorful clothing that’s been popping up in gym selfies and fitness pages all over Instagram.

And naturally, I had to wonder, could any of these trendy new brands hold up against their long-established competitors? I decided to find out. Continue reading “I Tried 3 Instagram-Hyped Clothing Brands”


7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System this Flu Season

It’s that time of year again, folks. Sniffles are spreading, colds are catching and the flu bug is back with a mean bite. But absolutely no one wants to spend the fall and winter season sick, miserable and buried under a mountain of used tissues. (Especially when it involved the whole family taking turns getting sick.)

When it comes to cold and flu season, your best defense is a good offense. By keeping that immune system in tip-top shape, you give yourself a much better chance of fighting off illness before it sets in. So here are seven surefire ways to help keep that immune system ready for action! Continue reading “7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System this Flu Season”

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Full Arm & Ab Workout, Life Updates & My Concussion

If you follow me on Instagram (on either my blog Instagram account or my personal one), you may already know that last week was a bit of a rough one. Last weekend started out with a family wedding and ended in the Emergency Room with a CAT Scan. Today, I’ve got some quick life updates along with a killer bicep and core workout for your next Arm Day. Continue reading “Full Arm & Ab Workout, Life Updates & My Concussion”


Clean Juice Fall Menu – Flavors, Fun & Freebies

If you remember my juice-centered series on the blog, you know am a big fan of Clean Juice. Their products are 100% fresh, organic, and make eating and drinking healthy deliciously easy. One of the ways they keep their menu fresh is by featuring a special quarterly menu that highlights the produce and flavors of the season.

Last month on my Instagram account, I shared a sneak preview of the new Clean Juice fall menu in my IG story. I attended Clean Juice Lexington Square’s taste testing party for VIPs and Influencers and got to sample the new season menu that was released October 1. And it. Was. Delicious. Continue reading “Clean Juice Fall Menu – Flavors, Fun & Freebies”

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Collagen Giveaway

It’s giveaway time! Woot!

If you’ve read my post I Tried: Taking Collagen for a Month, you probably know I’m a HUGE collagen fan. It’s been a game changer since adding it into my routine and I now incorporate on a daily basis.

Male or female, any age and any level of fitness, collagen plays a vital role in your body. I firmly believe everyone can benefit from incorporating a collagen supplement. Continue reading “Collagen Giveaway”

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I Tried a 1-Day Juice Cleanse with Clean Juice

Last week I shared a post about Clean Juice, a company delivering raw, organic products with a refreshing level of honesty and authenticity. We also discussed the benefits of cold press juice (why it’s different from pasturized juice) and why Clean Juice’s cold press cleanses are different from other juices cleanses. This week, as promised and requested, I’m sharing my experience and results from doing a 1-Day Clean Juice Cleanse. Continue reading “I Tried a 1-Day Juice Cleanse with Clean Juice”

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Clean Juice Lexington Square

In my last post, we took a look at how juice is made by the commercial juice industry. We cleared up that juice itself isn’t bad for you but its nutritional value and quality can greatly vary depending on how it’s made. Judging by the comments and messages I’ve received since then from readers, it was a rough week for juice lovers.

It can be a tad discouraging to discover something you thought was doing your body good might not have been so great after all. It’s also disappointing to see the dishonesty that is sometimes present within the food industry. But don’t despair, juice lovers. This week, I want to encourage you by sharing a company I’ve discovered who is striving to change the game by producing honest, high-quality juice and organic products. Continue reading “Clean Juice Lexington Square”


3 Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Eat Healthy

If there’s one goal that I think everyone should have for their diet, it’s to eat high-quality foods. We should aim to consume more natural, wholesome foods and fewer overly processed ones. It’s trickier said than done, given the deceptive advertising within the food industry. Many items on store shelves marketed to us as “healthy,” “natural” or “organic” start to become pretty questionable when you actually read over the ingredient list. At the end of the day, the best option is usually just preparing our meals at home from quality ingredients. Continue reading “3 Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Eat Healthy”

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How to Grow Your Own Herbs & Reduce Sodium Intake

If you read my post on 8 Ways to Eliminate Bloating, you may remember that high levels of sodium in your diet can cause issues with bloating and water retention. In fact, that’s really just one way an over-abundance of sodium can be harmful. Our bodies require moderate amounts of sodium for regular function, but many American’s are consuming close to twice the amount of sodium recommended by USDA guidelines. Continue reading “How to Grow Your Own Herbs & Reduce Sodium Intake”